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Curious about the connection to all Pease relations around the world? I have been doing a daily Google search for Pease name for some time and thought about creating an index to track all of these people and see how they fall in our family tree. I won't have time to keep up the links, but here they are: (mailto:If%20you%20have%20links%20to%20add%20or%20update,


Anna Pease  Family and field hockey bring Pease back - Scarborough,ME,USA GORHAM (Aug 31, 2006): After a year at UMass/Amherst, Anna Pease is back. Living and studying at the sprawling state university was “a huge culture shock,” but there is another reason for her return. I basically came back to play field hockey,” she says. Though Pease played the sport at the club level for the Division I college, the 2005 Gorham High School graduate attempted to contact the UMass coach about trying out for the Minutewomen’s intercollegiate team, but got no response.  UMass’s loss is USM’s gain. Pease was part of the Huskies’ triple-session practices last week and will be on the roster that opens the season Friday at Gordon College. After three road games, USM’s home opener will be Sept. 12 against New England College.With a number of family members who played field hockey – including her mother – Pease grew up around the game. She began playing on teams in grade school and in high school was a four-year varsity player for the Rams.At UMass to study business, Pease missed the camaraderie that arises among players on a team.

Bessie Collins Pease Gutmann (1876–1960) Bessie Collins Pease Gutmann (1876–1960) Perhaps best known for her heartwarming art prints featuring innocent children during the early part of the twentieth century, Bessie Pease Gutmann achieved worldwide fame. Through licensing, she is still greatly admired today by collectors everywhere.Born on April 8, 1876 in Philadelphia, PA to Horace Collins Pease, a tobacco salesman, and Margaretta Darrach Young

Bryan Pease  Backstretch Motorsports - Greensboro,NC,USA "Developing our relationship with ppc Racing over the past couple of months has been great," said Bryan Pease, president of Racing Limos. "Becoming the official limo service of ppc Racing will certainly help us enter more markets where NASCAR races occur.  We have a Racing Limos business operating in 80 percent of the markets today where major speedways are located and hope to have 100 percent of those areas covered within the next year."

Deborah Pease No place for Pinwheels for Peace Valley News Network - Temecula,CA,USA “The city won’t allow it and neither will the school district,” said Scout Leader Deborah Pease. “We were told we might offend some people.”.

F. Colin Pease  Great Barrington Berkshire Eagle - Pittsfield,MA,USA  "The Housatonic Railroad Co. has assured the Selectmen of its wish to address track and train problems throughout town, including parked passenger cars in Housatonic and a crumbling pedestrian tunnel in downtown Great Barrington.said F. Colin Pease, vice president of special projects for the Housatonic Railroad Co., who wrote the Selectmen on Aug. ...

Joe Pease Teachers become Ironmen on Sunday  Portage Daily Register - Portage,WI,USA... Joe Pease, a third-grade teacher, and Brad Meixner, an elementary physical education teacher, will compete in the Wisconsin Ironman competition this Sunday

Kelly-Kate Pease Connections causes more grief than relief Journal - St. Louis,MO,USA ... International Relations professor Kelly-Kate Pease uses Connections daily to reach her classes overseas.

Neal Pease Medieval documents return to Poland Radio Polonia - Poland Professor Neal Pease, who teaches history at the University of Wisconsin, came to Poland with his Polish-born wife on what looked like a sensational mission. Professor Neal Pease brought with him over a dozen parchment documents, including papal bulls and documents written in Latin by Polish kings, Henry the Bearded and Ladislas Łokietek in the 13th century. He handed them over to the archives in Wrocław. An unusual collection of World War II souvenirs - medieval documents, some bearing the signatures of popes and princes - was returned last week from Wisconsin to Poland by Neal Pease, an associate professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and his wife, Ewa Barczyk, interim director of libraries at UWM. Thursday, August 31, 2006

Samantha Pease Kids scramble for fun; Washington teen is queen - Portland,ME,USA  Windsor... Samantha Pease, 16, a junior at Medomak High School and resident of Warren, took the title of Maine Apple Princess. ... Pease will receive a $150 scholarship. Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scott Pease,   IGN - Brisbane,CA,USA Scott Pease, Studio Development Director,  I’m Scott Pease - I led the development of the first five Tony Hawk games and now oversee multiple teams at Neversoft. But the most rewarding part of my job is still when I get hands-on with the design of a new Hawk game feature.  So I’m here to give you a preview of a killer new mechanic that just might change the face of the franchise, like the manual and revert before it. We call it “Nail the Trick.”

William Pease ran across an article that mentioned "Cemetery Readings Abstracted by William Pease"


Pease Communication and Technology Magnet. pease adopts soldier - Midland,TX,USA Lawrence Romack visited some of his youngest fans Friday at Pease Communication and Technology Magnet. Elisha M. Pease Communication & Technology Magnet

Pease Golf Course WCSH-TV - Portland,ME,USA City engineer Peter Rice says using recycled wastewater at Pease Golf Course also would reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilized going into the Piscataqua River

Pease Place College towns require trade-off AMHERST, MA - I think it kind of balances itself out," said Nancy M. Gordon, who has lived on Pease Place since 1959.


Allan Pease,,20363868-5003425,00.html  Allan Pease, the man who turned interpreting body language into a moneyspinner almost three decades ago. What Pease, 55, went through a couple of years ago to have a baby with his wife, Barbara, 44, makes for a humorous tale now. But laughter back then was in short supply, especially when a doctor questioned why they'd want to try for a child, given Allan's 2000 diagnosis with aggressive prostate cancer and less-than-promising prognosis. Allan is not only a new dad, he's also a granddad. His youngest, Jasmine, 24, had a son last year, and his eldest, Melissa, 33, had a boy just over a week ago. "It's great having kids (at the same time as) your kids," he says. "There's no age gap now. We have the same goals, and problems. We all talk about shitty nappies!" The couple then opted to make Buderim their home and business base. The Peases are Australia's top-selling authors of non-fiction, with 15 titles between them that have been translated into 52 languages and sold more than 21 million copies, including 12 million of the 1998 relationship manual they co-authored, Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps.


Richard Pease  Pease takes indirect route to Eastern Europe High premiums have kept New Star’s Richard Pease and his £1.4 billion worth of European funds out of Eastern Europe, despite having concerns over investing in mainland Europe. He said: ‘I think you can get better risk-adjusted returns by sticking to “old Europe” because you get a lot of the benefits of new Europe, due to its high level of outsourcing and sales. But new Europe is a riskier investment because of the premium you seem to have to pay for stocks with reduced exposure to markets, so I have decided to stay out of direct investment there. ‘In old Europe you can very often find companies where you can get a meaningful investment in new Europe but the good thing is that they are valued in old European multiples.’ Pease owns about 183,000 shares, or 0.14% of the £665 million company, which are worth £870,000 at present prices. However, over the last five years the shares have performed very well rising 183% from 168p in 2002 so Pease, who has family connections with the firm, is still in the money. Pease, who is AAA rated for his excellent risk adjusted performance on the New Star European Equities fund, cut his stake back a little in April.