Press Release

April 11, 2015

Songs for Sarah: New Motion Picture to be filmed in Arizona


Phoenix songwriter and award winning video producer, Ed Waters, has formed a production company, Swing for the Fences Films. Its first offering is a feature film, Songs for Sarah, starring country music sensation Nick Nicholson.

Songs for Sarah, an original screenplay by Ed Waters, is a touching story of an unlikely friendship between a despair filled man who has given up on his dreams, and a woman who is waging a courageous battle against terminal cancer.

Nick Nicholson plays “Mike”, an unhappily married, hard working, hard drinking, music producer. He’s given up on his own dreams of a singing career to produce music for others. His best friend and confidant is his dog “Buddy”. He has a chance meeting with Sarah, a coworker of his wife “Terri”. Sarah has terminal cancer, but an indefatigable will to live. Sarah and Mike find they are kindred spirits, and a life altering friendship ensues.

Music plays an integral part of this story, with one of the best soundtracks of any film in years. Nick sings five songs during the course of the film.  

Ed is currently assembling a talented crew, securing locations, receiving commitments from actors, and in discussions with potential producers. Plans are for the film to be shot entirely in the greater Phoenix area.

For additional information, contact Production Manager and Casting Director LeeAnn Sharpe at 602-565-5785 or email at .