AZ Film Studios

Sets built by Ron Nix

Ron Nix built Cowtown
Cibola Vista
Larry Chebowski Accent Entertainment  
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Larry Chebowski as Keystone Cop on Unicycle
and Ladmo at Legend City c.1962

Larry Chebowski Movie Credits

  • A Star is Born
  • Cloud Dancer
  • Used Cars

Larry Chebowski Commercial Credits

  • United Bank
  • Arizona Lottery
  • Phoenix Recycling

Larry Chebowski General Background Experience

  • Taught clowning & unicycle riding
  • (wrote book on unicycle)
  • Motorola 6 years
  • DCE Circuits Owned electronics manufacturing plant 19 years

Larry Chebowski Event Credits

  • Over 1500 Parades
  • Entertain at Organ Stop Pizza
  • Summer Sundays Events
  • Booked Motorola events
  • 60 years of booking events