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Every business needs to market their products or services.
Target your audience to get the most bang for the buck!
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 The most economical marketing tool a business can and should use is the press release.

Everyday something is happening in your business that is worth of telling the world. You can tell them in the newspaper, radio, television, internet, emails, newsletters, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, flyers, billboards, blimps, banners, and so many other ways. But it is important you get the word out!  

Order a Press Release

Cost $30 / apx 30 minutes    

How it works:
1. You tell me what is happening in your business. 
2. I write a press release for your approval.
3. Upon approval I distribute to agreed upon media.
Reasons to send out Press Release:
1. New business or new products or services. 
2. Announce events, specials, sales, or any changes.
3. New personnel, management, or affiliates.
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