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Maryvale High School Alumni Association made scholarships a top priority and worked hard to raise funds each year to make the awards at the May awards ceremony onstage at the Maryvale Auditorium.  Beginning in 2002 thru 2007 scholarships were awarded every year except 2005 when funds were lacking.  Here are the students awarded.  (Update: The Alumni Assoc. has been inactive for several years so scholarships have not been since 2007. We would love to see someone take up the job and start the program again.)

2007 Scholarship Award - One Scholarship Awarded to Michael Nazario, a Maryvale High School senior planning to attend Phoenix College in the fall.

This is the 5th year the Maryvale Alumni Association has awarded scholarships to college bound Maryvale seniors. This makes 15 students award scholarships in the 5 years.

SelectSelection of the 2007 Scholarship recipient was the result of a relationship the Alumni Association has built with the Maryvale JROTC led by Maj. Eddy. Each year in November, Maj. David Eddy and his JROTC have participated in the Maryvale High School Alumni Association’s Remembrance Ceremony held at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona to honor all Maryvale alumni who have passed on, of which many are interred there. The ceremony is a culmination of floral and cards left graveside at cemeteries valley wide each November, with additional appreciation and acknowledgment of those who served in all branches of the US military.

“The young people add so much to the service standing at attention in their uniforms and providing a color guard. It is especially poignant when they realize some of the graves are for recent war casualties, not too much older than themselves,” says an alumni association member.

Nazario was selected from a group of Maryvale JROTC considered for the award because of his strong sense of direction, responsibility and community.

The eldest of five siblings, Nazario takes his role as eldest brother seriously. “It’s tough and stressful at some points because I have many responsibilities that scatter throughout my home, school, and community,” he says.

At school Nazario has been a leader in the Junior ROTC program and has been involved in the Maryvale High School Panther Partner tutoring program where he served as a mentor for incoming freshmen.

Nazario is also active in the St. Augustine's church youth group.

Phoenix College will benefit from Nazario’s enrollment next fall to begin his studies in Psychology. He says, “I would like to be a psychologist because I would like to help people find a solution to their issues, making a positive impact in their lives.”

Nazario says, “The years ahead will be full of challenges but I will prevail because I will not give up on my goals. In the end, all my hard work and dedication will pay off because I know I made a better place of my community and its residents.”

Maryvale High School Alumni Association representatives LeeAnn Pease-Sharpe, Class of 1972, and Karen Bonine, Class of 1971, made the Scholarship Award Presentation on May 21st, 6pm at the Maryvale High School Auditorium.

The Maryvale High School Alumni Association is a 501C3 nonprofit through the generous support of the Tunnel Light Child Advocacy Foundation. Tax deductible donations can be sent to Maryvale High School Alumni Association, PO Box 6536, Glendale, AZ 85312-6536.

2006 Darryl "" Williams Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to Irma Garcia


Congrats to Irma Garcia recipient of the 2006 Darryl "Markie" Williams Memorial Scholarship. May 18th at 6pm at the Maryvale High School Auditorium, LeeAnn Sharpe'72 MHSAA Secretary and Karen Bonine '71 MHSAA Vice President made the onstage presentation recognizing Daisy Williams, the Scholarship Chairwoman and Darryl's mother, in the audience.

Irma Garcia received $750 toward her expenses at ASU.

Daisy has agreed to continue the legacy with initial donations toward the
2007 Darryl "Markie" Williams Memorial Scholarship. Read more about the scholarship in MHS News

Photo right is Darryl "Markie" Williams

Scholarships 2005
No scholarships were awarded this year due to lack of funds.

Scholarships 2004
Three Maryvale High School students were awarded
MHS BA scholarships of $150 each in May 2004

The file holding bios of 3 recipients is presently lost.
Names Names will be posted when found.

Scholarships 2003
Five Maryvale High School students were awarded MHS BA scholarships of $150 each on May 15, 2003. Their unedited application letters are below.

Elizabeth Primero

19 years old Reason: Maryvale Big Adventure Scholarship
I have four brothers, Gilbert, Michael, Eddie, and Christopher, and my father's name is Jorge Primero. I currently live with my aunt and uncle providing for myself. No one in my intermediate family has ever completed high school or has gone on to college. Other members have tired, but have never completed their education. With that in mind, I am looking forward to finishing high school and going on to college to make something of myself.

My educational goals are as far am willing and able to go. I don't intend to ever stop expanding my mind. Ever since the sixth grade I have had a dream to become a lawyer with a specialization in the juvenile justice system. As I have grown and continued to learn more about what being a lawyer is all about I have gained more and more interest in this career. The reason I would like to specialize in the juvenile justice system is because I have been fortunate enough to have mentors throughout my life and I would like to give back to the youth of my community. I would like to encourage the youth of my community and show them that even when all odds are against you, you can still achieve your dreams as long as you are committed to that dream.

Some of my personal interests are: sports, music, working with children, learning new things, and meeting new people everyday. Out of all the things that I have listed the one that is my favorite is working with small children and early teenagers because they are so unpredictable and that is what interests me the most.

I have been employed at Arizona Ortho Sports Physical Therapy (AZOSPT) as of June 17, 2002. I heard about the job through the COE program that I am enrolled in at Maryvale High School. Some of my duties are: answering phones, translating for Spanish speaking patients, filing computer work, keeping the
equipment clean, laundry, insurance claims, getting authorization for therapy. And any other small jobs that may be necessary. I feel that I have learned a lot of important information about processes and people while working at AZOSPT . Some of the clubs that I have been a part of are: the French Club, DECA.
and National Honor Society .I was the president of the French Club for three years and was fortunate enough to travel for the very first time, to France. I participated in the DECA conferences and learned how to use marketing techniques. As a member of the National Honor Society, I am among the members with the most community service points.

I was a volunteer coach for three years, the first year at Borman Middle School and the next two years at Atkinson Middle School. I helped coach girls volleyball, basketball, and softball. Out of all the things that I have been a part of, I feel that the three years that I volunteered as a coach were the most enlightening and productive years of my life.

The reason that I am applying for this scholarship is because I am supporting myself and am trying to find any way to pay for my college education and this scholarship would help me so much. This is one of many scholarships applications that I have been vigorously filling out and I do not intend to stop because I am willing to do anything that I have to do to achieve my goal of getting my college education.

The challenge that I have overcome in pursuing my education is the loss of my mother in 1997. I was twelve years old and in the middle of my sixth grade year. That year was a year that I discovered who I was, and what I wanted to do with my life. After the death of my mother I, along with my family gave up on me. Fortunately, I had many people who believed in me, continue to encourage me and most importantly have treated me like family. My motivation comes form knowing that my mom is looking down on me with a smile on her face.

Nesly Alvarez

My name is Nesly Alvarez, I am seventeen years old and I am Hispanic. I am the oldest child out of four children. I was born in Mexico but my parents decided to move to the United States when I was very young, as they wanted me to have a better chance for a good education. Because my parents were born and raised in Mexico and I was born in Mexico as well and raised in the United States, I consider myself Hispanic and I am very proud of my heritage. Even though we had many challenges when we first came to the United States, my parents never gave up. They always wanted the best for their children. I have always done my best to thank them for everything they went through just to give
me a better future. This is why I would like to pursue a higher education. As I said before, my parents and I went through very difficult times when we first came to the United States. First of all, we did not really have anywhere to live. Secondly, we did not know English and that was very difficult for us, but we never gave up. My parents have shown me how to be very strong in everything if I ever have any challenges to go through. This is one reason why I am very proud of being a Hispanic teenager. In my opinion, some Hispanics are always trying their best to achieve all of the goals that they have. I have many goals. My main goal is to help my community in any way I can. I would like to become an Elementary School teacher when I finish college. I have had the opportunity to complete community service hours for my high school by helping in an elementary school. That is where I really discovered that I did enjoy working with children. This is one way that I have end would like to keep helping my community. Another way is by helping my elders clean their yards and other things that they would like for me to help with, I consider myself a a very coop erative person. I would like to pursue a higher education for my parents and also to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher. There are a couple of challenges that I will have to face, the main one is my parents have three more children and I know that they would also like to attend college when they graduate from high school. I would like to help my parents by applying for scholarships. That way my parents will not have to stress about how they are going to pay for my education.

I have shown my parents how I really want to finish my education; I have been attending the Upward Bound Program at Arizona State University .This program is helping me learn what I will go through when I get to college; what classes I will have to take; the tuition I will have to pay. My research shows me college is expensive. This is why I would like a chance to be awarded THE MARYVALE BIG ADVENTURE SCHOLARSHIP. It will be a great help for my parents and myself.

This scholarship will help me as I said before, to pay for part of my college tuition so my parents do not have to worry about me no more- Basically it will make it easier for me to attend college and stay well focus in my studies, rather than thinking about how I am doing With the tuition fees, or paying back to banks if I get a loan. THE MARYVALE BIG ADVENTURE SCHOLARSHIP will make my education and career goals be achieved much easier.

Jazmine Wilkins

My goals for the future are to go to Northern Arizona University and become very successful. It's extremely important for me, because I will be the first person in my family to go to college. So one of my goals is to do well in my studies. Another goal is to be a good role model fur my younger cousin, who is very smart. I want to re able to help her if she ever has to come to me.

My personal background: I live with my grandfather, who is 71 years old, and have been living here for the past two years. Before that, I was moved constantly around my whole family, after my mother and father both abandoned me. I have a older brother and sister and a younger sister. I am a very committed person with goals. I have also never given up on anything, even if it wasn't working out.

I would like to have a successful career in Engineering. I wanted to major in Mechanical Engineering, because I enjoy math and working with my hands. I also believe, that it's going to be a challenge, because I am a women and African American; but I am willing to take that chance. During my high school years, I have participated in a lot of community service. Community Service: Rock the Rim (3 on3 tournament), Fiesta of Lights. Pen Pals with first graders, we also took them to the Phoenix Zoo and the Science Center, March of Dimes Fundraising and walk, Heart and Breast Cancer fundraising and walk, counselor at Chauncey Ranch, fundraising for the 9-11 tragedy, Monster Bash with 3rd graders, playing music for the Community Skills activity, and the annual support of the Christmas Angels. I have also participated in the toy, food and clothing drives. In the past two years, I have been involved the school musical, Student government, tennis, cheer leading. dance, many different community service activities, attending Glendale Community College on the weekends, and I am also involved in the National Honor Society.

This scholarship, Maryvale Big Adventure Scholarship, will help me with my goal to further my education in a higher institute. Going by my financial situation, I would not be able to afford to further my education. So this scholarship will help give me the chance to do what I enjoy. School is my life and will continue to be. I give my all in what I do, and always finish what I begin.

Shoria Talton

My mother gave the children in our family the will to succeed. She has been the the inspiration and encouragement for me to become someone important. We have been through rough times and my mother has overcome a lot of obstacles to survive in this journey called life. I have tried to be there for my mother, and I helped her raise my little sisters. I am a person that my sisters see as smart and willing to help them with their issues, My mother does the best she can to support her children, but her income is still quite low. My college education will far exceed my mother's ability to pay, so I need scholarships, grants, and loans.

Some children have their careers planned out from their early elementary school years, but it was a confusing path for me. Law has always peeked my interest and however I have chosen medicine as a career. I want to be a nurse so I can contribute to the care of the people in this country with me.

I was employed at U-Haul International for year and half, answering incoming calls, greeting customers, and documenting 1nfoInlation. I have also worked at a daycare center as a childcare aide for a summer youth program. I have done community service hours by taking down statistics for the Maryvale High School basketball team, I like to be with friends so they can give me a positive outlook on life. I plan to work this summer to earn money towards my expenses.

I am applying for this scholarship to pay for the achievement of my educational goals. This will be a beneficial contribution to make me a well-educated student with a bright future. I have accepted the responsibility to keep my grades up and to prove that I am capable of succeeding in school because of this scholarship. I appreciate your consideration of my application for this scholarship, and I look forward to hearing from you with your decision.

I have been through many obstacles that tried to keep me in the deep end of challenges. Throughout the adversity I still continued to maintain my grades at a high level. I been successful in a situation that most adults would find overwhelming. This goes to show that no matter what personal issues, I will contain my grades at a high status during my presences at ASU.

Ericka Cruz

First of all I would like to start by introducing my self my name is Ericka Cruz and I am eighteen years of age. I am a senior student at maryvale High school and I've been there since I was a freshmen. I live with my parents and three brothers I am the second oldest from four children. Im am originally from Guatemala, but my parents brought me to the united states when I was one. My parents basically brought me here to have a better life and better opportunities in my future. This country has given me everything and is something that my native born country would have not been able to offer me due to its low resources and opportunities.

My educational goal that I have at this moment is to get through my last semester of high school and graduate. My career goal would be to further my education by going to phoenix college in the fall of 2003, and be a full time student. I want to major 1n banking and finance and make that field my area of profession. I plan on attending P.C. for two three years depending on the requirement for my degree. Afterwards I plan to transfer to an in state University that will help me finish my career.

At this moment I am involved in National Honor Society and (HERO) Future Career Leaders of America. I became involved in this clubs two and one year ago, they have helped me allot and has given me the opportunity to learn more and gain more experience and confidence about myself. I have had the opportunity to volunteer in many different community services, and have helped set up several activities such as blood drives, fundraisers. I have shared allot of fun and special moments with my classmates, that is something that im not going to forget and memories that I will always have present. I have gotten allot out of this two programs and they have benefited me in a positive way.

Some of the challenges that I have overcome in pursuing my education is dealing with people that do not want you to succeed and fall on whatever do. But I am a person that goes for what I want even if a fail I take the satisfaction that I at least tried. Basically I have never felt like if I failed because I ve come all this way thanks to the support of my family and school teachers.

My reason for applying for the Maryvale Big Adventure Scholarship is because it will help me pay for my additional expenses, that I need for college. It concerns me because my parents wont be able to afford this expenses. Due to the low education of my parents they will not be able to contribute to my education, because they are limited to several jobs that do not pay enough for my necessities. I will be the first one to graduate and there is still tow younger brothers that will also attend college. Your organization stands for what I believe and to reach my goals I need as much help possible. I already have the moral support of my family but it is not enough to pay for the material. I am very excited about my career and future and I hope that you can see and help me by awarding me your scholarship.

Scholarships 2002 - Five Scholarships Awarded!

Angelica Vega!

Angelica's desire since she was a little girl was to become a nurse. Her parents have always encouraged her and her 5 sisters to continue their education and instilled in her the importance of school. During her time at Maryvale High School, Angelica has also been enrolled in a Nursing Assistant program at Metro Tech Vocational Institute High School. This class has strengthen her desire to pursue her goal of becoming a registered Nurse. Angelica has been a volunteer for the March of Dimes and I.S.A. (International Student Association), is involved in VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) thru her Nursing Assistant class and through the ACE Plus Program was able to take college classes at Glendale Community College while still in High School.

Mayra Llamas!

 In Mayra's essay she celebrates the fact that she is Mexican-American. It is from Mayra that I learned of May 10th being the day her family celebrates Mother's Day. She celebrates the American Mother's day as well, as she enjoys being able to celebrate and honor her Mother with more than one holiday! Mayra knows the challenge of being in kindergarten and trying to learn English and be understood. Myra is bilingual and has helped tutor younger students with their homework and helped them see progress in their work. Her interest is in becoming a teacher, as she has a desire to help children learn and to teach them to not be uncomfortable with who you are, but accept and celebrate diversity.

Kristen Phelps!

Kristen has overcome many obstacles in her life, as well as challenges pursuing her education. She has been successful in situations that some adults would find overwhelming. Kristen's desire to help people is shown not only in her desire to become a nurse, but that during her years at Maryvale H.S. she was a peer counselor and a tutor. This summer Kristen will be participating in Maryvale Hospitals shadowing program, then on to college to pursue her desire to become a registered nurse, specializing in neonatal care.

Marisol Herrera!

 Marisol comes from a family of 5 who are all involved in their community and it is important to Marisol to be the first in her family to attend and graduate from an institution of higher learning. During her years at Maryvale H.S., Marisol has been involved in the International Student Association where she tutored students in improving their reading, writing and listening skills. She also participated in Unitown/Panthertown as a counselor. Marisol has many educational and career goals, one of which is to become an architect. Her personal goals are to improve herself and be a role model for the community, proving to others that you can succeed over adversity.

Arcelia Navarro!

Some of you may recognize Arcelia's name, only we know her as R.C., our student stage manager for the evening performance that was presented at the Big Adventure event. Along with being involved in Drama during her H.S. school years, Arcelia's other involvements are Student Government (holding the office of Vice President), ROTC (becoming a Battalion Commander), National Honor Society (Vice President) and a member of SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving). Since the age of 14, Arcelia has recognized her goal to become an agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Arcelia will be attending Arizona State University with plans to major in Law and Psychology, as well as achieve a bachelors in Forensics, which will grant her the skills needed to qualify for the F.B.I. Arcelia states her desire is to be a strong, intellectual and independent woman who will make a difference in many American's lives.
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