Honoring People Who Keep the Spirit of the Old West Alive

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As much as we love the
"American Old West"

the very things we love about it are disappearing every day.

That's why capturing
the stories of the old west, 
straight from the
 "People Who Have Kept
the Spirit of the Old West Alive"
is an important project.

Join us as we interview and record oral histories before they fade away...

Our first interview is with the man who has done the most to promote and preserve Arizona history in the last four decades, Marshall Trimble.

Born in Ash Fork, he has lived and taught Arizona History and is recognized as the leading authority and holds the position of Arizona State Historian.

But how much do you actually know about Marshall?

Come sit with us for an hour or two as he tells us about his life and experiences.

How did he learn so much about Arizona and what about this state has thrilled him the most.

Here about all of the interesting characters in Arizona history he has met and his impressions of their significance in history.

If you enjoy Arizona history this is a must see event!  


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